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Whether I'm redesigning a room or starting from scratch, the before and after pictures are always dramatic! Stay tuned for more as this page is under construction.

A living room goes from cluttered to classy

The living room in this home was the first room inside the foyer, and it did not feel welcoming or inviting. There were some great pieces, but the homeowner wasn't sure how to pull them all together. By purchasing a few new things, adding proper lighting, and personalizing the space with family photos, the room was transformed into a space everyone loves.


Curating the perfect bookshelves

Accessorizing a large wall of built-in shelves can be a daunting task. For the better part of an afternoon, we arranged heirlooms, photographs, books, and mementos from the family's travels to create a balance of color, height, and texture. The arrangement is also practical--there are baskets at the bottom to store toys and everyday clutter.

From den to the princess suite

Hand-stenciled walls add subtle glam to this adorable nursery, designed to transition easily as the child grows. Soft metallics with a mix of grays and purples are sophisticated and fun, while a variety of textures and prints add visual interest. The crib has now been replaced with a "big girl bed," that is, of course, covered with plenty of throw pillows!

A playful and stylish playroom

A mix of polka dots and stripes signal that this room is made for fun! Storage is the key to an orderly space, and this room features floating shelves and cabinetry to contain the toys. We added artwork and accessories to complement the theme, and the room is now the perfect space for hours of play.

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