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Michelle Schaffel is the principal redesigner and owner of Inspired By Design, LLC. She has been a member of:

  • Interior Redesign Industry Specialists (IRIS)
  • The International Feng Shui Guild (IFSG)


She is also

  • IRIS-Certified Interior Redesign Specialist (CIRS)

  • IRIS-Certified Interior Staging Specialist (CISS)

  • Chi-ology-Certified Feng Shui Consultant


Interior decorating has been a lifelong passion that she transformed into a prosperous career. Some of her innovative style is derived from living in multifaceted cities like New York City, Denver, and Philadelphia. She infuses current and classic styles from her surroundings to embrace a homeowner’s space. Her attention to detail and eye for design ensure a remarkable home transformation.

In her previous career, Michelle worked for television news, advertising agencies, and production companies. She is now utilizing her creativity to help others get “inspired by design."

Michelle lives in suburban Philadelphia with her husband and their two children. She loves chocolate, wine, and dancing.

DSC_7698 (3)withchinedit.jpg

"I was renovating my kitchen and I had a picture of what I wanted. I was so overwhelmed. I asked Michelle to help and all of a sudden we were knocking everything off of my punch list! She has terrific connections and she arranged for me to meet with the right people at the best distributors. Countertops, tile, lights, paint. Check, check, check. Not only did I appreciate saving so much time by going to the right places and meeting the right people to help, but we had a lot of fun doing it.


My kitchen turned out better than I hoped it would. She helped me with those final touches that I didn't know I needed, but I am so glad I have them. I enjoy my kitchen and dining room so much more, and now we are going to start on my living room!

If you feel overwhelmed by design like I did, or even if you know exactly what you want but just need to find it quickly and efficiently, call Michelle!"


Philadelphia, PA

"My shopping experience with Michelle was wonderful! Not only did we have a lot of fun, her creativity, organization, and ability to put things together made the experience very enjoyable and stress-free. She was focused the whole time, keeping in mind the theme and color scheme I was going for."


Philadelphia, PA

"Michelle has a great eye for detail and color. Her work is creative, cutting-edge and individualized to reflect each client's personal style. She took my dull living room and turned it into a private haven. I love having a dedicated place to unwind, get away from television, and enjoy peaceful time with a book. She’s resourceful and has her finger on the pulse of current design trends. Her enthusiasm for interior decorating is evidenced by her innovative style. I highly recommend Inspired by Design’s extraordinary services!"


Downington, PA

"After moving eleven times in the past six years, I was drained of any inspiration and creativity for my new home. The living room was a compilation of different designs with no rhyme or reason. Michelle has taken a lack-luster, cluttered space and transformed it into a warm, inviting, sensational room! To my amazement, she was able to do it by gathering items I already had scattered around the house. The best part was when I came down half-asleep for my coffee this morning and had my breath taken away by the wonderful feel and sight of my new living room. I felt a sense of home that I had not experienced in years."


Exton, PA

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